Damascus Browning

We make our own browning solution, re-etch the barrels and rust them over a 40 day period. The process is slow and complicated but the results are breath taking and worth the time and effort put into the job.​

Rust Bluing

We mix our own slow rust bluing solution using three different types of acid.  This same solution has been in use by fine Gunsmiths for over 200 years which makes it a time tested and proven method of providing the highest quality rust bluing when applied properly.  The solution is applied and barrels are placed in a carefully controlled humidity cabinet where the slow and time consuming rusting process begins.  This is the only true and safe bluing process for double barrel rifles and shotguns to insure the integrity of the soldered joints.  After the bluing process is complete, the parts are carefully cured over 3 days to ensure durability and longevity.​

Case Coloring

Case coloring can really enhance the presentation of your firearm. We use the traditional coloring media in our process which creates unique color patterns due to tightly controlled processes and also protects against warp-age and distortion. After the coloring process the parts are treated and sealed to preserve the coloring for durability

Hot Bluing

We blend all of our nitrates in-shop using the best available chemicals mixed with only the purest water available.  The baths are heated to our exacting temperature and maintained at +/- 3 degrees as the metal is soaked several times ensuring even exposure.  We complete the hot bluing with a special curing process that ensures a deep, lustrous finish is achieved.